Posted on: 07/05/2017 - 20:29

They’re Motivated

This is the fuel in your engine and each one of us will have our personal reasons, and so it is key for us to understand these.  Failure to clarify these may leave us wondering aimlessly of inaction as if in a dessert without sufficient water.   So ask yourself, is what you want a “thing”, an “ideal” or a “way of life”?  Look inside yourself and see what comes up as your answer, and start giving it some shape and structure.  Use techniques as a vision board, affirmations, autosuggestions, or other tools to help this become a reality for you. 

Motivation is not linear and does not conveniently keep us going once we’ve set a goal.  To you stay consistent, get yourself a “fighting mantra” and make it your battle cry when you need to offset any negative self-talk.  Here are a few examples: “Get up and get moving”, “I deserve success”, you get the picture. Use positive affirmation, which specifically encapsulate what you wish to achieve.  We look at this in more detail in our academy programmes.

Breaking down your main objectives into mini objectives and reward yourself when you get there can also be very helpful.  That can also reduce the resistance that can be felt when goals or ideals are initially too much of a stretch between where you are now and where it is you wish to go.  Another helpful aid is the simple “to do list”.  While obvious and simple, not everyone does it.   Yet it’s a very effective way to off-load the stuff that keeps whirling around in your head, while give structure to your priorities.  Use dates and times and cross things off as you get tasks done.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Mark Twain

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.
Elon Musk

They know when to act

While knowledge is power, it’s a wise man that knows that taking action gets things done.   Don’t fall into the getting ready and rehearsal trap.  Even actors must get on stage once they’ve dialled in their part.   The only way to learn and get precious feedback is by “doing”.  Sure, you’ll make mistakes, which is healthy, giving you the opportunity to learn and refine what you are doing.


They take risks

There’s always a risk, but then there’s a proportional reward.  To be alive is a risky business yet it’s also the thing that enables us to thrive, evolve and make progress.   Sure, when there’s risk you’ll feel fear, it’s biological, but try to just do it anyway.   It’s always worth remembering that fear can be irrational, so break down what you think by be worrying you.  Unpacking in this way can help release you from them.  Of course, someone who works smart will find strategies for reducing risk.  One way is to ask for help or guidance from people who’ve been there or can support you in different ways.   That’s why we offer coaching and mentoring programs!


They figure stuff out

If you’re the type of person who likes quizzes and problem solving then you’re already ahead of the game.  Embrace that and use it to figure things out - which as a freelancer you’re often going to have to do.  If you’re less drawn to enigmas, see this as a game and try to enjoy it.  Most of the time it’s a mind game where our attitude will indeed determine our altitude.  Trust yourself to figure it out!   

To encourage you to practice we’ve broken the 8 habits into 2 parts to invite you to these for a week before looking at the next four.  Have fun and check back for part 2 when you are ready!