Building engaged Scrum teams – and being part of them - II

Based on your positive feedback after our workshop about Scrum with Elrich, we decided to prepare a part II. Our first workshop was mainly focused on SCRUM values, this time we build on those and focus on practical implementations.

When either starting new scrum teams or joining existing teams the following are some of the most useful things to get in place to set a team up for success.

Creating common ground.
Establishing a healthy routine to foster collaboration.
Setting the stage for continuous and sustainable improvement.
In this workshop Elrich will focus on:
Identifying the most common challenges when starting/joining new teams.
Practicing together how to create a basic agreement that gives a team direction.
Giving some guidelines of how healthy team behavior can be made sustainable by understanding the Scrum Events.

About the speaker

Elrich Faul is a Scrum Master with more than 10 years experience in the IT sector. He is passionate about coaching teams as well as individuals toward growth, happiness, and maximum potential. Elrich also has a technical background and spent quite some time studying psychology in order to bring these worlds together. He is driven by a passion to influence and change the world for the better, one team at a time.


18:30 - door open - Welcome drinks

19:00 - time to start

20:30 - a few more drinks afterwards...

About the location

rent24 creates worldwide technology hubs for entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators - where they can work, live, learn and grow together. In Amsterdam, we transformed the Bridge Building (Amsterdam West) and the third floor of the famous building Magna Plaza into a feel-good place. We offer flexible workspaces, stylish meeting and event spaces and a lounge area where our members feel right at home. An environment where our community can grow (inter)nationally along with a network of like-minded people.