Commercial communication training for IT-professionals

In this 5 hours workshop, we will focus on essential commercial communication skills to help you present and sell your ideas, services and products in an effective and enjoyable way. The training will be tailored to your business needs and is designed to give you hands-on experience. (max 8 people in a group) We will introduce powerful technics, work together to align them with the context of your business and practise it.


Communication is one of the key ingredients for success. It is an essential part of building and maintaining personal and professional relationships. It gives you the possibility to transfer your ideas, interests and feelings in a clear and effective way. Which is indispensable for success, especially as an entrepreneur.

Effective communication makes an effective business.

However, good communication skills have to be developed, honed and applied on an on-going basis. They are the heart of interpersonal skills, so the more invested in it by practice, the more effective your communication will be. 


In this training, we will discuss and work on subjects as:

  • How to establish the right connection and trust
  • We will discover what is still blocking you from optimal success and how to make that work for you instead of against you.
  • We will work out all the objections prospects can come up with specified on your service or product and work out how to counter any of these objections.
  • Different closing techniques will be introduced and practised.


The training will be mainly interactive, with exercises where you will be paired up with other entrepreneurs, to give you hands-on experience to work with in your daily life as an entrepreneur. 


In this training, we will focus on your business. You will have commercial communication skills tailored to your business. Presenting and selling your ideas, services and products will never be the same. After this training you will be able to: 

  • Connect fast and effective with anyone;
  • Confident and persuasive communication skills;
  • You will be able to wipe out all objections prospects can come up with in your market;
  • Closing that deal won't be a problem for you anymore.


This training is specially designed for entrepreneurs and freelancers who aren't afraid to take their commercial communication and business to the next level. The training will be provided by Shannon from SocialIT. 

about Shannon:

Shannon is a trainer in communication and helps organizations with business development. She believes that everyone has a unique skill with which they can be of great value to the world, so she helps individuals and organizations to discover, communicate and act on these unique skills. Gratitude of being alive is her driving force to challenge others to make an impact on the world. That s why she founded SocialIT - company originated from the need of strong communication skills for IT freelancers and entrepreneurs.


Lunch is provided.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to being in touch!