HANDS ON - stream thinking and stream-based programming using Akka

What is a stream? Come find out why it became so important in the software world. We'll introduce the basic concepts first and then move to a hands-on workshop to uncover the power of stream thinking and stream-based programming using Akka. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

What you'll take away:

A clear definition of Stream
Stream thinking
The basics of a stream-based programming model on the JVM

What you need:

- Notebook with working Scala or Java development environment (including a build system).

Note that I will use Scala, but Java will be conceptually the same - your extra challenge will be to find out the right syntax and method. I will personally use IntelliJ IDEA + Scala plugin + SBT.

About the speaker

Fabio is a Scala Architect and Tech Lead. Community guy at the root - the organiser of the Reactive Amsterdam meetup. Long distance bicycle touring and fingerpicking guitar. Personal website: http://ticofab.io

Reactive Amsterdam: https://www.meetup.com/Reactive-Amsterdam/

About the location

rent24 creates worldwide technology hubs for entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators - where they can work, live, learn and grow together. In Amsterdam, we transformed the Bridge Building (Amsterdam West) and the third floor of the famous building Magna Plaza into a feel-good place. We offer flexible workspaces, stylish meeting and event spaces and a lounge area where our members feel right at home. An environment where our community can grow (inter)nationally along with a network of like-minded people.