Soft skills? I don’t need them, I work in IT!

The last couple of years we are witnessing a true paradigm shift in the business world; moving from specialized, technical, tangible and easily measurable objectives to ones that include the intangible, subjective, emotional aspects of a business. In other words, the "soft" side of a business is moving from a "nice to have" management component to an organizational core competence.

Corporate giants such as KMPG and PricewaterhouseCoopers have strongly claimed and proven by extensive research done in 2017, that soft skills were now valued more than technical ability.


Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills – What’s the differences?
What is the difference between Self-management and People-management soft skills?
What soft skill do I already possess and how can I leverage it in my everyday life?
What soft skill do I need to further my success in today’s business environment?


Even though soft skills are difficult to measure and impossible to master, they remain by definition “skills”: a learned power of doing something competently.

This implies we can indeed learn to be more creative, adaptable, resilient, approachable, self-confident, better communicators, better listeners, and better leaders. In this workshop, we will immerse you in several exercises that will have an immediate impact on all of the above.


Clear understanding of differences between hard & soft skills
Better understanding of your personal soft skill arsenal and how you can
improve/enrich them
Raising your self-awareness
Engaging your EQ
Unleashing creativity in your thinking

About the speakers

Nada Mesqui

"As a coach, I believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole and therefore have all the answers. My job is to be a creative and courageous sounding board; someone who can hold a safe yet provoking space for you to understand better your patterns, limiting beliefs and blocking points that have been preventing you to fully step into your leadership. I bring to the table 10+ years of operational, cross-functional business know-how that combined with the most reputable Coaching Training Institute program enables me to quickly relate to professionals and to be fiercely devoted to challenging your status quo, because just like any other living creature in our universe, if we do not grow we surrender to atrophy."


Anna Kmetova

After spending 10 years working in a corporate environment she decided to follow her true passion and pursue a career in coaching. She offers guidance for people as they embark on their individual empowering journey of self-discovery.

Anna has a wealth of experience working with people experiencing a significant transition or change in their lives. She supports her clients in finding their true values and passion in order for them to successfully design their own, fulfilling life path.

As Co-Active coach Anna also supports CTI as an assistant of Co-Active coaching courses around Europe.



18:00 - door open - Welcome drinks

18:30 - presentation starts

20:30 - ? a few more drinks afterwards