Develop your persuasion skills and grow your business.

Develop your persuasion skills and grow your business.

Being good at what you offer as a service is essential for any professional.   Generating leads and business opportunities will also enable momentum for continuity and growth.  Yet the key to getting business lies in client conversion.   If you only gain business from every 1 in 10 clients when you pitch yourself to, then you’re going to start feeling demotivated and be working more than you’re earning.  Naturally, the key is to conversion by working smarter no harder!  One of the keys is understanding the art of persuasions and how to successfully close sales.   The aim of this program is to give you an understanding of the essential components of persuasion and sales and how to apply these in practice.

What you will learn.

  • Identify the decision triggers that people rely on to make decisions. 
  • The key to build rewarding long term relationships.
  • How to influence others to change their attitudes and behaviours.
  • Why people miss their opportunities to influence people ethically.
  • Understand the decision triggers that people rely on.
  • How to build rapport using NLP techniques.
  • How to know when you can and cannot close a sale.
  • Discover, learn and apply the 6 universal principles of effective persuasion.
  • How to build trust and influence with your chosen clients.
  • How to create a clean a clear pitch that is impactful and saves you time.
  • Build mutual and profitable relationships that generate more business.


During this day programme, each participant will receive a personalised one hour out of workshop coaching session to review and personalise their approach to persuasion and selling.



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