The 1 minute connection

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, finding yourself only talking about trivial subjects, wondering where you’d have to talk about to really get to know the other person?

Sometimes, when we first meet someone, we find ourselves talking about mundane, banal and uninteresting topics when deep down, we would really like to have a meaningful conversation. We would like to walk away feeling that the other person really understood us, liked us and felt safe around us to be open. How do we achieve this within the first minute and create a safe platform where a deeper and more meaningful conversation can take place?

On the outside, it’s easy to assume that people can’t possibly share the same misfortune as us. In all honesty, failure is the norm in society but it’s hard to see this when everyone is appearing to do so well.

In this talk, we will dive deeper into our own behaviour (confrontation, cognitive dissonance, indifference), emotions, and communication, with one goal: Lowering the defences so that people can show a little piece of themselves and feel safe.

This event will be hosted by Will Falkowski, Small business owner and Entrepreneur in Utrecht. He likes to make a little fun of himself as a human being, to show people that they are the same. He’ll talk us through by giving lively everyday examples of connecting and disconnecting.

Curious about the 1 minute connection? Please join us on the 28th!

We look forward to seeing you.