To be or not to be - an entrepreneur in the NL - legal insights

The promised land of being an entrepreneur or perhaps better the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

We will talk about:
What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?
Employee versus freelancer what is the difference
Advantage of being an entrepreneur/freelancers

Tax Regulations and restrictions
Company structure (ZZP or BV?)
30% Ruling

Do you have the right financial skills to become an entrepreneur?
Can you handle the risk?
What do you need to do?

This presentation will be given by Caroline:

Caroline is a people-oriented change consultant and accountant. Having started her career as an accountant at various larger accountancy firms, to later on becoming an independent owner of her own accountancy firm, she understands how to combine entrepreneurship, creativity, commerce and teamwork. She is able to communicate her knowledge in a practical and applicable way, offering useful advice and strategies to individuals and small to large companies. http://www.fullvision-online.nl/

We look forward to seeing you.