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To be - or not to be - (solo)entrepreneur in the NL || legal insights

While the time is ripe and opportunities abound for persons wishing to become freelancers, there’s, often a gap between, knowing what to and successfully doing it. Perhaps more knowledge is required, more action, more experience, more courage and a number of other considerations. 

The aim of this meetup is to provide you with some insights and facilitated exchanges on how to kickstart your business as an independent professional/solo entrepreneur. We’ll consider the starting stage for making your transition into being your own boss, while also looking what it requires to create a sustainable business. We’ll look at business planning, strategy, and mindset, while including technical aspects relating to legal, tax and administration.

If you are thinking about becoming your own boss, or a solo entrepreneur looking to scale your activity, then this session is for you. You may even find that you're better off working for someone else, but this is an opportunity to explore that. If you are an experienced self-employed person then you’ll certainly have things to contribute to the group - and who knows, there may be opportunities for strategic collaborations. 

We will talk about:
What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?
- Employee versus freelancer what is the difference
- Advantage of being an entrepreneur/freelancers

Tax Regulations and restrictions
- Company structure (ZZP or BV?)
- 30% Ruling

What Are The Most Important Skills Entrepreneurs Need?

About Alex:
Alex has been a freelance web developer for over a decade here in Amsterdam where he lives with his wife and young daughter. A confirmed entrepreneur, he is also the founder of web design company Uniqode, specialised in website development. He has a keen interest in practical education and personal development and supports others through it.  Having worked locally in the tech economy with corporations, he has deep experience within that industry. He enjoys running and was a keen mixed martial artist which he practiced to a high level, and has a warm and open character keen to help others.

We look forward to seeing you.
And enjoy some beers & snacks to catch up afterwards...

Alex & Kristina