limiting beliefs

Beyond limiting beliefs

"Psycho Cybernetics " is the title of a book written by Dr Maxwell Maltz and published un 1998. A plastic surgeon at the time he became fascinated by the dramatic positive personality changes of some of his patients after surgery. Yet in some of his other patients, very little change occurred.

His findings of mind/body connection have come to pave the way for many of today’s modern personal empowerment programs.  Such as turning crises into creative opportunities, dehypnotizing yourself from false beliefs and celebrating new freedom from fear and guilt. 

Together we will look at how to alter our self-image to truly reflect more of who we are, and how that should not limit what we can achieve.  

Please be good enough to register only if you believe you'll attend as we have limited space and like to keep the group size reasonable. If interest for this event is high, I'll repeat it on Thursday as well.

We look forward to seeing you for another rich and stimulating session.