Building engaged Scrum teams – and being part of them

When considering Scrum as a framework, it does not only consist of roles, certain meetings, and some artifacts. Some of the most valuable insights that can be gained from the framework are the Values that it propagates. When engaging with teams it can be difficult to have a lasting effect.

In this talk Elrich will focus on:

- the Scrum Values

- how you can personally benefit,

- becoming better at guiding Scrum teams or being part of them

- & to be able to share these concepts in future teams.

About the speaker

Elrich Faul is a Scrum Master with more than 10 years experience in the IT sector. He is passionate about coaching teams as well as individuals toward growth, happiness, and maximum potential. Elrich also has a technical background and spent quite some time studying psychology in order to bring these worlds together. He is driven by a passion to influence and change the world for the better, one team at a time.


18:00 - door open - Welcome drinks

18:30 - time to start

20:30 - a few more drinks afterwards.