Developing a powerful and impactful presentational style

Are you making the right kind of personal impact with your audience (even if it’s just one person)?  Are you commanding attention and being persuasive in your professional and/or personal life?  Do you feel confident when delivering your message? 

Following our session last week on branding, many saw the importance of personal branding in creating a powerful presence.  We also saw from the various pitches of participants, how our delivery style, way of communicating and much more affects how our message is received.  Branding we know is about encapsulating your authentic self, yet the challenge is how to say what you’re about in a way that supports who you are.  You are both the messenger and the “message” and so the way you communicate and present is crucial!

This intro session will be dynamic and interactive, so please be prepared to roll up your selves.  Be the end of our session you’ll begin to know what it means to become a more powerful and compelling presenter and how it will impact your own life.   

This session will be an intro into a longer workshop that we will run this Sunday 22nd October starting at 9:30 - 12:30.  There we will dive deeper into the experiential side of things.