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Express your unique self and connect with confidence

We all, at times, struggle to be ourselves and communicate authentically, whether in our personal or professional lives. There can be many reasons for this, such as doubting yourself, being afraid of what others might think, feeling disconnected (from your true self and/or others).

Have you ever had that feeling where everything felt just right? That you knew you were doing what you were supposed to do in your life? That who you are was aligned with what you do, how you show up in the world and connect with others?

This happens when we are truly connected to our inner core, accept who we really are, and are able to get our message across with confidence. This is, of course, important in your personal life, but certainly also in your work, especially as an entrepreneur.

In this workshop, we will look at

  • what might be blocking you from being or expressing yourself.
  • the importance of communicating your unique self - in your professional and personal life.
  • some techniques that will help you to express your unique self and connect and communicate authentically.


Tessa has personally experienced the above and has worked in this field for many years. She supports people through coaching, meditation, and Reiki to find their true way, let their inner light shine and communicate authentically with confidence and compassion.

In this workshop, Tessa will share some of the techniques she uses to help people to deal with their issues, so they can overcome low self-esteem and fear of judgment or rejection, connect to their true self, communicate authentically and enjoy healthy, harmonious relationships.

About Tessa

Tessa recently returned to her hometown Amsterdam, after having lived in Ireland for the last 15 years. She has experience in a wide range of areas, from social work to international relations and conflict studies. In 2011 Tessa set up her own business, Lift Your Spirit, which provided holistic therapies for body, mind, and soul. Besides her work with individual clients, Tessa also works with (multinational) companies, bringing mindfulness and wellness into the workplace.

“For years I suffered from low self-esteem and fear of being myself. Through my personal development, I realized the importance of being true to yourself, both in personal and professional life and learned to accept and express my unique self.

About 10 years ago I felt a calling to share my knowledge and experiences with others to help them to discover their true voice and connect with confidence and compassion.”

We look forward to meeting you!

And enjoy some beers & snacks to catch up afterwards.