Find your authentic way to connect with your team

If you’re building a company you need a solid team of people who trust each other. You don’t only want the people who surround you to be the best in their field - you want these people to believe in the vision of your company, people who are fully engaged, people who you can rely on.

How do you create this kind of engagement and connection?

How do you maintain it with the growth of your company?

What is it that makes people feel trusted, understood and engaged?

What are some of the key components of connecting to your team in an authentic way?

In this interactive and experiential workshop, we will focus on some of the key elements of genuine and effective communication, such as trust, core values, active listening, and curiosity.

Our intention is for you to acquire a brand new communication toolbox which will enable you to find your own, authentic way to connect with your team - to unfold your team potential to achieve your goals as a result of meaningful cooperation.

We will support this process through a lot of exercises and guide you through it, meeting you where you are.

We believe that communication and trust are the fundamental bases of your success!

About the speakers

Both Migena and Anna are Certified Professional Co-Active Coaches (CPCC) trained by the Coaches Training Institute and members of ICF (International Coach Federation).


Migena Gjerazi is passionate about supporting people thrive professionally and personally by connecting more deeply, living more fully and transforming the relationships that matter most in their lives.

As a life-leadership coach, Migena’s focus lies on career development, work-life integration, self-leadership vs self-sabotage and relationships. She facilitates workshops in Self-Development and Public Speaking.

Migena’s professional background is in Finance, Administration and Human Resources (MBA). Her heart has always beaten for self-development and in the past 10 years, she has deepened her knowledge and expertise in those fields.

Anna Kmetova

After spending 10 years working in a corporate environment she decided to follow her true passion and pursue a career in coaching. She offers guidance for people as they embark on their individual empowering journey of self-discovery.

Anna has a wealth of experience working with people experiencing a significant transition or change in their lives. She supports her clients in finding their true values and passion in order for them to successfully design their own, fulfilling life path.

As Co-Active coach Anna also supports CTI as an assistant of Co-Active coaching courses around Europe.


18:00 - door open - welcome drinks

18:30 - presentation starts

20:00 - x - a few more drinks afterwards

About the location

On the top floor of Zoku hotel, there is an inspiring co-working space with cozy and relaxing working environment, where you can do anything from writing bulky reports to creative brainstorm sessions. When work-time turns into playtime, their desks turn into Ping-Pong tables.

Zoku also hosts friendly faces from the local community that love sharing knowledge, ideas, and beers on long communal tables. Just want to have coffee, a drink or a bite? You’ll remain more than welcome in non-reserved spots in the Living Room, Living Kitchen, and Terrace.