Keen Folk

Hardwiring Happiness - Myths, Realities & Practicalities

While a vital subject to our well-being it’s also become a fashionable subject for which there are a plethora of courses, books, elixirs, to mention a few. While some believe they hold mystical truths and remedies, others have a more practical perspective.   Even though each one of us experiences happiness differently being closer to our definition of it will enable us to have a richer and more fulfilling lives while enhance the lives of others.  That also has many professional benefits as we shall discover.  

If you are like me, I like things to have a scientific and practical base for me to want to place my effort and energy behind something new. That does not mean I like exploration - on the contrary - but that's a slightly different thing to "application". Having been involved with many wisdom schools (Buddhism one of those) I've seen many and experienced many pathways to happiness.  All have their individual merit! 

In the usual spirit of our meetups, the idea is to get something practical that we can pick-up and run with quickly and use effectively in our lives. After all isn't that where the rubber meets the road.