be your own coach

How to be your own coach and mentor others

Follow the success and many others wishing to attend we are repeating it. This is an excellent opportunity for all persons seeking successfully reach their aims and goals for the year ahead.

While we've had many great session to date, two subjects have come up so we're going to dedicate a round table evening to them. Yes "coaching" & "mentoring".

Many successful people advocate having a coach or a mentor to help us accelerate toward our chosen objectives. Yet, it is possible to do it yourself and I'll show you the process professional coaches use to support their clients (which is one of the things I do for a living). As for mentoring here's an opportunity to meet a mentor or become one.

This session will be rich with insight and sharing and can serve as springboard into the New Year. I shall provide you with tips and techniques for your own coaching you will also have a chance during the evening to find a "buddy" to tandem with to create a chain of accountability for the weeks ahead. Yes we're going to set objectives and take meaningful action.

Spaces will be limited as usual so first come first serve. As ever please only register if you genuinely believe you will be joining.

We look forward to seeing you.