How to enjoy work and make the right decisions

Do you jump out of bed every morning, screaming “YESSS!!” in excitement because it is another day at work? No? Okay, maybe this much enthusiasm is a bit too much in the early morning, but think about it…. Do you enjoy going to your work? Are you happy that another day has started and you get to do your job again?

According to CBS (Oct 2017) 81% of the entrepreneurs in the Netherlands is content with their work situation. That’s a large number. But I wonder what they mean with ‘content’. I was content with my previous work, I had great colleagues, all the opportunities I wanted and enough diversity to keep me interested. But my energy level dropped. It took me longer and longer to recover from a day’s work.

To me, work being ‘good enough’, ‘okay’, ‘I kinda like it’, isn’t actually good enough. I need more than that to keep my energy level high and stay healthy. I need to really enjoy my work, to be happy to do it in order to gain energy from it. I want to be happy not only in my free time, but also during work hours. Do you recognize that?

There are two things you can do to start enjoying your work (more):
- Have the right mindset
- Make the right decisions

Mindset is kinda easy: you focus on the positive, fun things at work instead of the things you don’t like. What you put your focus on grows, so soon enough you will see more things you like about your work and start enjoying it.

Making the right decisions is about whether you are choosing from love or fear. It’s about guarding your boundaries and choosing those options that are feeding your soul. Did you know that your body knows eight times faster than your head if a situation is good for you or no? To recognize which of the options is the right options for you, you have to listen to your body first and then make a decision with your head. So first feel, then decide.

In this workshop I will give you tools that will help you feel your boundaries and will give you access to your bodies opinion about choices you have to make. Making the right decisions for yourself will give you:

- More joy in your work (and life)
- More energy
- More creativity
- More self-confidence
It’s great to prevent getting a burn-out too…

About Marita:
My name is Marita de Bondt and I have healed myself from chronic fatigue, irritated bowel syndrome, burn-out and depressions. I did that by feeling my feelings and making the right choices for me. By letting go of suppressed feelings and by changing my mind set. Now I am happy and healthy. Feeling more free every day. I teach people how to do that too as an independent coach.

We look forward to seeing you!