How to present yourself successfully as an IT professional

The cornerstone of all business is good communication.

We all know that communication is one of the key ingredients for success; It is an essential part of building and maintaining personal and professional relationships. It gives you the possibility to transfer your ideas, solutions, and interests in a clear and effective way. Which is indispensable for success, especially as a freelancer or entrepreneur in the field of an IT professional, where social skills becoming increasingly important as an addition to the latest technology. Effective communication makes for effective business.

  • Would you like to be more confident and persuasive in your communication?
  • Would you like to present yourself in such a compelling way, that people want to know more about you and your business?
  • Would you like to be able to connect fast to anyone, whether it is on a networking event or an interview to get hired for that project?​

​​​​​​Then this meetup is for you! We will use techniques on communication inspired by different professionals in the field and you will get tools to present yourself successfully right away.

About the speaker:

The meetup will be provided by Shannon from SocialIT. SocialIT originated from the need of strong communicative IT freelancers and entrepreneurs. Shannon is a trainer in communication and helps organizations with business development. Gratitude of being alive is her driving force to challenge others to make an impact on the world. She believes that everyone has a unique skillset with which, if used correctly, can be of great value to the world. She helps individuals and organizations to discover, communicate and act on these unique skills.


18:00 - the door opens - welcome drinks

18:30 - time to start

20:30 - a few more drinks afterwards...

About the location

TSH Collab is a new workspace where work meets life. They are a fully livable coworking community for creatives and entrepreneurs who are students at heart. Coming to our workshop, you will have a chance to win a free desk for a week @Collab west city!

We look forward to having a great time with you!