How to win back your Time and other High-Impact Strategies for Confidence and Success

Do you ever feel like you’re in a battle with time—and losing to the stress, the “what-ifs”, or your “high-standards”?

Do old fears and negative habits sometimes squash your motivation or problem-solving skills?

Would you like to find new ways how to build productive relationships for your business and personal life?

This interactive workshop will help you succeed at the most important cornerstones of life: your time, communication and decision-making strategies.

Using NLP, Constellation Work, and executive management skills, expect fast-track solutions that will empower you to:

· Get over the paralysis of fear the moment it begins—using this “rapid reversal” technique

· Get through procrastination and finally take control of your time—using a little-known “inner” decision strategy

· Get to your most creative work, better relationships and more fun—with tips for better all-around communication

You’ll be leaving this experiential, story-rich workshop feeling refreshed and with new tools which you can implement right away!

About the speaker

Eugene Vassilas is an NYC-based Wellness Entrepreneur and Breakthrough Coach.

Through his 1-1 coaching, communication trainings and group trance work, he helps high-performers develop inner skillsets, overcome plateaus and make better decisions at work and home.

Prior, Eugene spent 6 years traveling the world to mentor with the leaders in NLP, Constellation Work, and Hypnosis. He is also a former NYC executive and Hatha yoga teacher.

You can find him practicing his languages (EN, BP, DN, ES, GK, IT) on a street near you or at

We look forward to having a great time with you!