Join Keen Folk workshop at the event - THE FUTURE OF AMSTERDAM

After a complete renovation, The Student Hotel Amsterdam will be the stage for an interactive event to bring city makers, influencers, change-makers, students and visitors together to shape the future of the city.

In their brand new spaces; re-styled hotel rooms, restaurant The Commons, co-working places TSH Collab and completely renewed communal spaces and meeting rooms, they bring together revolutionary ideas, groundbreaking positions and world-changing movements to debate the City of Tomorrow.


As a proud partner of the student hotel west - we will be covering the topic:


While talking is natural, talking in a way that will get you positive outcomes in today’s world is not something most of us have learned.

Communication is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, particularly when working as a solo entrepreneur.

Would you like to feel confident to negotiate and set up your boundaries?
Being able to communicate feedback in a way that people are open to receive it?
Express yourself clearly and directly with respect to yourself and others?

This is our picture of the communication in the future - people feel free and confident to express what is going on in any situation of their life.

Being self-confident is more than just getting over nerves there is a whole lot more to it. When combined with the principles of assertiveness, the result is a powerful and impactful person ready to develop solid professional relationships, while inspiring others. In this workshop, we will encourage group exchange and discussion and offer practical tips and ideas which you can apply right away.

Come along and experience how the future of Amsterdam is forming!

We look forward to having a great time with you!

Keen Folk team