effective communication

Mastering Effective Communication

In daily life we are never not communicating. We communicate face-to-face, by voice, non-verbal, by phone, text message, Whatsapp, video and so on. The way we communicate effectively differs depending on the situation we are communicating in. Communication with your friends and family can differ a lot from communication with colleagues, your manager or your client. Effective communication is essential while selling yourself or your company professionally during an interview or meeting and to work together successfully. 

This meetup will focus on how to communicate effectively and professionally. Find out what do you need to really get your message across in such a way it touches people, catches their attention, influence others while being persuasive? We will look at different techniques during this meetup like body-language, effective listening, how to connect with others and how to communicate your essence effectively. Inspiration will be from different professional communicators like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and from you! This meetup is a great way to look at different perspectives on communication and to share tips, tricks and insights. Bring your open and creative mind along and you might learn something new!

The presenter and facilitator for this meeting will be Shannon who’s background in, storytelling, writing, law and sales and professional communications.  She uses her experience and skills to help others become more effective communicators.


PLEASE NOTE WE ARE CHANGING LOCATION FOR THIS EVENT- see new address at 499 Herengracht.