(re-)Discover your Purpose: boost your sales

Being a freelancer and/or entrepreneur is a challenge. If you don’t have clients, you have zero profit.

Getting (new) clients is essential for your business. How do you get the right clients? You have to be good at sales, right? But what does this mean? Do you have to sell the ‘hard way’? Being good at sales it not necessary, although it’s certainly useful.

What if there’s another way?

A way in which you don’t have to sell the hard way, but a more easy-going way. A way in which you attract the clients you like. It starts with Purpose, your Purpose. Do you know why you’re doing the work you do? Still for the (same) reason as when you started out? Or things changed for you?

Doing the work you love

When you started your independent business, it all seemed like an amazing dream. In real life, it can be much harder. Doing the work you like and earning a decent salary is one thing. Working for and with the right clients is another thing. Especially working from purpose and meaning will give you much more energy, joy and excitement. You get better clients when you’re (more) in alignment with your work.

Perhaps you lost (some of) this and are you sick and tired of difficult clients. Or doing the work you don’t like (anymore). Then it’s time for a change!


In this workshop you’re going to (re) discover:

  • Your Purpose, so you work with meaning and joy (again).

  • Attracting clients with your Purpose

  • Becoming more effective at sales


About Sebastiaan Herkemij

Sebastiaan is full-time career coach and trainer, he loves his meaningful work. At 28 he wrote and (self) published his book: the DC (dreamcareer) code. This book gained national media attention on radio and in newspapers.

His career didn’t start out as a great career, in fact he didn’t like his boring job. After college, he started working as a pension consultant. After two years of working really hard, he achieved his two major goals: his second bachelor and promotion. Instead of celebration, he felt desperation and felt stuck. From the outside, he had it all: a good job and salary. From the inside, he felt lost, uncertain about himself and his career. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t take this anymore. This wasn’t why he was living! There must be more than this, right?!

After a seminar (UPW) of Anthony Robbins, he quit his job and travelled around the world for a year. After that he started out as an entrepreneur, mainly to earn a lot of money. He tried several businesses and initially failed. Now he (finally) does the meaningful work he loves fulltime as a coach and trainer. His mission and drive is to support other people to do the same.

We look forward to meeting you!