security event

Security and data control is a basic human right

Ever wondered what a world with security and data control as a basic human right would look like?

Please join our interactive discussion in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam on June 14th.

Hicham, a cybersecurity entrepreneur, is introducing an alternative protocol based on openness, fairness and security. It’s an ecosystem for a new generation of companies. A world where data control and security is considered a basic human right.

He’s calling it: Planet.

Planet takes the basic right of security and data control, and uses it as the foundation for everything created on this new network.

This isn’t your traditional presentation, but rather a look into the future. And people are already embracing – and building – it. We’ll show how Planet is being used to build decentralised:

  • Trading Apps
  • Secure Phone
  • Democratic Idea Platform
  • Security layers for conversational interfaces

In a quick presentation, Hicham will discuss the philosophical principles that have been the driving force behind the technology powering this digital society. There will be room for questions and discussion.

Although the CTO and lead developers will be present, this session is mainly focused on the philosophical framework that powers Planet. There will be separate events to discuss both technology and the upcoming ICO.

Planet Technology Foundation is built to give people back control over their digital lives. Planet is secure, open and fair.

We look forward to meeting you.