Series 1 - Exploring the Essences of Leadership

Leadership is one of those core subjects that will continuously impact both our personal and professional lives.  Much has been written around this subject and there are many different approaches and points of view.   Over the years I have explored the different facets of leadership and also spent time with a number of the more evolved publications in this area.  It is also a vital subject when working with coaching clients who are looking to make meaningful transitions in their lives.   

This meetup will be part of a Series of 6 over the course of the next few months, where we will together explore, discuss, challenge what this means to us and what our experiences have been of it.  So as to give some texture to each of our sessions I will bring material from some of the books that are rich with insight on this topic.  

The first is by Arnold Timmermen where he explores the concept of being both a leader and a follower - allowing true passion and inspiration into our personal and professional lives and adding conscious awareness to our communication and to all other dynamics that involve human experience and interaction.