Take control over stressful situations today

Often people in IT experience a lot of stress because of a high workload,  targets, dealing with communication problems and distractions from cell phones/social media. Science shows that unplugging and doing something that gives rest to the mind can help you deal with this stress and can enhance your concentration,  and improve your performance. 

If you want to stay more relaxed and happy during your work this meetup is something for you!

Do you find it hard to relax?

Do you want to be happier in your work?

Do you want to communicate better?

Do you want to have more control over your life/thoughts?

Then this meetup is something for you. We will learn about stress and how to handle stressful situations being calmer and focus. We will investigate what causes us stress and (most important) we learn tools to cope with the stress that we don’t need. 
Training the mind is something you can practice. Therefore in this meetup, we will do some exercises which you can immediately integrate into your work life. 

About the speaker

This meetup will be provided by René Sprenger from YogaMindInstitue. This company has set their goal on helping as many people they can cope with stress in a mindful way. René is an adviser, trainer, and coach and has found his passion in helping people reach their potential with a smile on there faces. René has overcome a lot of problems with mindfulness like public speaking, making friends and coping with burnout symptoms. Because of this positive experiences he can’t help but share his knowledge to anyone who can use more calmness in their lives.


18:30 - the door opens - Welcome drinks

19:00 - the presentation starts

20:30 - ? a few more drinks afterwards