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Teamlead Matters: High Performance meets Happiness

Happiness, High Performance and High Energy. Yes, we can have it all! We just have to be smart about it. The truth is, until you change your mindset, you will always recycle your experiences.

But how do we change our approach?

And what can we do to impact others for the better?

This masterclass is designed to support business owners, decision makers and leadership to better understand the dynamics in human behaviour so they can regain energy, confidence and clarity to help them and their teams in becoming unstoppable.

In this masterclass, you will learn about:

- The dynamics of the brain and how to use it to your advantage.

- Stress and other emotions and what you can do differently to achieve maximum performance.

- The relationship between brain and behaviour and understand how these dynamics will help you gain control.

- How to manage and regain energy so you can become unstoppable.

- How to master resilience so that setbacks no longer derail you.

And last but not least, you will learn the basics to manage all this consistently …

Because let’s face it, business and having responsibility for others is hard at times as overwhelming and lack of clarity can quickly crush your confidence. In fact, pressure and a lack of clarity are the main reason so many with such huge potential never see their vision unfold through to full fruition.

We all know this is not what you want. So, join this masterclass and leave the room feeling inspired and energised with tools to help you move forward and thrive both professional as well as personal.

About Ines

Ines Gaston is a trained psychologist and true believer that our mind is our superpower. She works with both entrepreneurs as well as high performing teams to help them move from being stuck to becoming unstoppable. She has designed an easy to use roadmap inspired by her academic background in Clinical psychology, her professional HR background within several international companies and personal experiences. She is known for her practical and pragmatic approach, an energy that works contagious and a personality that breathes life and adventure. In her spare time you can find Ines in the outdoors, or singing jazz while enjoying a good glass of wine and/or G&T. She is travelling around the world while she grows her business as a nomad coach.

About Zoku

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