Tech: How to connect when joining a new team as a freelance developer

As a freelance developer, you perhaps join new teams and companies more often.
Most likely, how you experience your new project will also depend on the connection you have with your team.

Do you laugh together?

Do you share knowledge/solve problems together?

Is it easy to ask for the information you need?

For some reason, there is a stereotype that developers are shy or closed.


because we got to know Will and many other developers like him. Open, cracking jokes all the time and feeling comfortable in any situation.

Not convinced? Suspicious? We understand. You are simply welcome to come and just experience Will’s very authentic approach: how to connect with others in 1 minute.

You can apply his tips when joining your next project or just to get closer with your current team.

About Will:

This event will be hosted by Will Falkowski, developer and owner of IT company Webdesignwill BV.

He likes to make a little fun of himself as a human being, to show people that they are the same. He’ll talk us through by giving lively everyday examples of connecting and disconnecting.

What to expect:

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, finding yourself only talking about trivial subjects, wondering where you’d have to talk about to really get to know the other person?

Or not feeling comfortable to actually even start a conversation.

Sometimes, when we first meet someone, we find ourselves talking about mundane, banal and uninteresting topics when deep down, we would really like to have a meaningful conversation. 

We would like to walk away feeling that the other person really understood us, liked us and felt safe around us to be open. How do we achieve this within the first minute and create a safe platform where a deeper and more meaningful conversation can take place?

On the outside, it’s easy to assume that people can’t possibly share the same misfortune as us. In all honesty, failure is the norm in society but it’s hard to see this when everyone is appearing to do so well.

In this small workshop, we explore ways to having a nicer and more rewarding conversation with people we've just met!


18:00 - door open - welcome drinks

18:30 - time to start

20:00 - a few more drinks afterwards...