TIME MANAGEMENT for you & your (freelance) business

Help…. 24 hours in a day! That’s too short!

I still have so much to do. At work, I receive too many emails, the phone doesn’t stand still and everyone wants something from me. I lost my overview and I have a lot of pressure. I work very hard and when everybody is gone at the end of the workday, I can finally get rid of some things. I think I can work much more efficiently and effectively, but I have no idea how.

When I finally get home, I also have to make dinner, socialize with my partner, I have to go to the gym etc .. Do you recognize this?

If you are someone who wants to change your current situation and you really believe that you can do things differently and smarter. Then this training is meant for you!

What you’ll learn

In this workshop, you will learn and discover how you could win more time and feel more energetic at the end of a (work)day.

Benefits of the workshop

These are the benefits that you’ll get if you follow this workshop!

  • You will have more focus
  • You get things done
  • You deliver more quality work
  • You have energy the whole day
  • & you achieve all that in a way which is so much better for your health! ;)



18:00 - the door opens - welcome drinks 

18:30 - the presentation starts

20:00 - 21:00 a few more drinks afterwards...

About Ilse

At the age of 19, she had an accident in which she nearly died. Seven years later, she became World Champion wheelchair badminton. Now she is an international Vitality Performance Coach who wants to achieve more from life and help you to live your dream life with success, energy, vitality, and happiness.

About the location

rent24 creates worldwide technology hubs for entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators - where they can work, live, learn and grow together. In Amsterdam, we transformed the Bridge Building (Amsterdam West) and the third floor of the famous building Magna Plaza into a feel-good place. We offer flexible workspaces, stylish meeting and event spaces and a lounge area where our members feel right at home. An environment where our community can grow (inter)nationally along with a network of like-minded people.