Understanding the causes of software defectiveness

Name of our talk and a book written by Martin Anev for developers and companies to improve the software development and management process.

Why we want to share these findings with you:

The success of software projects has been widely studied in both academia and industry.

One of the key reasons behind is software defectiveness. 

This book developed from a dissertation - it is all started by surveying many studies that have addressed this problem. They observed that many structural, process, managerial, and technical factors can influence the occurrence of software defects.

Among them, they identified 67 factors, related to the structure and organizational processes used in a company, and use them to study the problem on 22 real projects carried out in a company.

The data were gathered on the whole software process from code repositories, project leaders, and team members. More than 130 people were interacted to collect data, starting from requirements elicitation to the delivery of the final, production code.

The analysis conjugate the state of the art in academia with a real context and a business-oriented perspective.

This evening, Martin will share with you the surprising results which provide significant suggestions to help any company or freelance developer rethink and improve the software development and management process.

About the writer & speaker:

Martin Anev is a freelance software developer, founder of Apptimist Studio. He is specializing in Mobile Development, Industry 4.0 and Web Development.

He often works with small companies and start-ups, moreover, he has experience collaborating with big corporations. His working experience includes Accenture. Pirelli, Spar and Apptimist Studio.


18:00 - door open - Welcome drinks

18:30 - time to start

20:30 - a few more drinks afterwards...