Workshop for (solo)-entrepreneurs with a growth mindset

Why becoming a member of a growth tribe that will hypercharge your entrepreneurial and personal development, is a no-brainer

Do you want to make HUGE steps in your personal and professional development?
Do you want to feel the fire of passion in your work?
Do you want CLARITY and FOCUS in all that you do?
Do you want to maximize technology to make life easier?
And with all of the above, do you want absolute peace of mind to ENJOY?

If you answer yes to any of these question, keep reading.

You became an entrepreneur to be free. Working for an employer is no longer an option, or maybe it never was but you simply had to figure that out the hard way. Props for breaking free! To have the courage to walk your own way no matter what others say.

It takes courage to let go of the sense of security that a steady job gives you. Now that you have started, you experience fulfilment because of following your dream. At the same time there are moments you feel adrift, not knowing what the next step will be. It may be harder than you thought. Follow that passion, live your dream life and become the person of service that your deepest parts yearn for.

So ask yourself, are you surrounded by achievers, game changers in your area of work? If not, then this is the NO. 1 growth hack you have been looking for and were not aware of.

Imagine what it is like, to have these people around you. Really. Take a moment. Sit in stillness, and image a personal team of high achievers who want to make their success inevitable. This is the concept of a growth tribe. It is a peer group with one main common goal. To all become successful in making your dreams come true.

What is a Growth Tribe?

A growth tribe is like a personal board of directors. People in these tribes have no emotional agenda, except for everyone to have success, as they individually define it.

A growth tribe doesn’t judge what you get out of your dreams. Members want you to have success, and will help you to achieve this. The idea of a support group concept is hundreds if not thousands of years old. It is used to solve problems together, to give support and to hold each other accountability.

“The creative thinking of the collective by far exceeds that of the individual.” – Napoleon Hill

During this workshop, we will first explain you everything you need to know about the concepts. After you mastered the essentials we will facilitate you with powerful exercises to let you experience it yourself.

About Daan

Daan has been a member of more than 6 powerful growth tribes over the last 8 years. He has used this tool for overcoming social anxiety, to boost relationship skills, achieving an MSC in Aerospace, expanding consciousness, and to start an online business.

Through trial and error, he learned how to optimize the structure for the meeting, which skills are essential as a facilitator and which are the common pitfalls in the startup and continuation process.

For 5 years he is also assisting others to found their own tribe. Together with Reinier he has founded Tribepreneurs in late 2017 and is rolling the concept out now to a larger audience.

About Reinier

As a CTO of a full service internet agency, Reinier has more than 15 years of experience with entrepreneurship. He has started his business together with 2 other entrepreneurs right after his study and build a successful and sustainable company with more than 40 people. Next to his professional experience, he is very passionate about personal and spiritual development. As growth is his most important value, he loves to share his knowledge to help people to be the best version of themselves.

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We look forward to having a great time with you!