About us


About us

even though it is not about us

We believe that being an independent professional is the working model of the 21st century. As more people find it difficult to depend on traditional employment, making the shift to being independent is the natural progression. It is also for many a pathway to a more fulfilling professional life, time flexibility, improved earnings and personal growth.

While many choose to work harder than when they were employees, the lifestyle significantly makes up for this. Just as it took 60 years after the industrial revolution for many skilled workers to eventually benefit, now is the time for the knowledge and technology professionals to fully benefit from the information age and era of personal transformation.


"A revolution is happening, it isn’t time you made it personal."
By 2020 in the US, 40 percent of the US workforce is expected to be independent contractor. In the Netherlands alone over 1 million people are freelancers representing more than 12% of the 7.8 million jobs available.

Our master idea


As a community, we believe that we can only be successfully if we act in ways that improve the lives of others. That is why we are dedicated to helping independent professionals create and sustain more fulfilled lives. This is good for everyone, not only for the individual but also the companies they work with, and even society in general.

We believe that happier people tend to be more generous, and with it, we encourage our members to become mentors and teachers for others, should they choose.   This is your/our contribution toward actively supporting the “gift economy” by offering a space for those who wish to volunteer in offering free coding education, to those who do not have access to this.

We believe it is essential to equip people who do not have access to the skills required to work in the tech economy of the future.  By the same token, it is also a wonderful opportunity for our members themselves to benefit from expressing gratitude and showing generosity to the wider community.    We speak from personal experience, which is why our mission today is to invite and encourage others to embrace this way of life.

Our guiding principles

  • With freedom comes responsibility, and with that, the ability to proactively respond.
  • Security is found in professional competency not in employment dependency.
  • Competency is driven by doing what we’re good at through natural passion.
  • Shared meaning creates inclusiveness, meaningful collaboration, authenticity and joy.
  • Acting with collective intelligence benefits the whole as well as the individual.
  • Wise personal leadership and self-mastery make us more impactful human beings.
  • Even though knowledge is power, impactful outcomes are the result of smart action.
  • Surround yourself with likeminded and like-hearted people, yet embrace differences.
  • By ourselves we move faster, but together, we go further while having others to celebrate with.

The team


Alex Petrosidis

Alex has been a freelance web developer for over a decade here in Amsterdam where he lives with his wife and young daughter. A confirmed entrepreneur, he is also the founder of web design company Uniqode, specialised in website development. He has a keen interest in practical education and personal development and supports others through it.  Having worked locally in the tech economy with corporations, he has deep experience within that industry. He enjoys running and was a keen mixed martial artist which he practiced to a high level, and has a warm and open character keen to help others.

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Kristina Javůrková

Kristina is a firm believer in the power of the community and self-development - in supporting collective aims and personal journeys. With a background in social science, she has always been fascinated by what drives people and become an active member of the personal development talks in Amsterdam. As a member of Keen Folk, Kristina focuses on community building and the creation and organization of the weekly meetups, Academy and finding new freelance job opportunities for keen folks in IT.

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