being balance

Effective planning & Work-Life balance

Finding work/life balance and the right structure which works for you is challenging, especially when you are your own boss...

That's why we are glad having Ilse - Vitality Performance Coach - leading this interactive Masterclass on:

• How to best prevent stress, body aches, and pains because you have a consistent exercise routine and balanced life.

• How to implement a week, month, year planning/schedule to get a better work/life balance.

• How to have enough time to relax, enjoy an afternoon walk in the woods, read that book you think about or take that course you always wanted to do.

• How to be aware of ways to keep your energy level high throughout the day and know how to give yourself natural bursts of energy. • How to have enough time to spend with your loved ones and friends.

• Be brave enough to say YES to yourself and learn to say no!

About Ilse:

At the age of 19, she had an accident in which she nearly died. Seve years later, she became World Champion wheelchairbadminton. Now she is an international Vitality Performance Coach who wants to achieve more from life and help you to live your dream life with success, energy, vitality, and happiness.

We look forward to seeing you.