find your passion

Follow your passion and thrive as an entrepreneur

There are over 1 million entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. More than 200.000 signed up last year.

But there's another fact you need to know.

After 5 years only 40% is still in business. Almost half of them fail.


Because starting entrepreneurs make three mistakes:

Their primary focus is to earn money
They don't solve a clear problem
They don't have the right mindset

And that's why they have a hard time getting the right customers, don't work from a clear passion, and are getting less results (and as a result; less income)

Since you're reading this, you probably don't want to be in that group.

You started this journey of being an entrepreneur because you wanted to be free. Free from the hierarchy. Free from the financial stress. Free from working on meaningless activities.

No, you started your business because you wanted to thrive! To do what you love.
And you're willing to give everything for it. To learn as much as you can. To outcompete everybody else.

Is that you? Then this workshop is definitely for you.

After this workshop you will know exactly:

How you can find your own true passion so you can communicate it very clearly
How to find your primary target group and what problem you can exactly solve for them
Which mindset will help you tremendously

So are you a true entrepreneur and do you want to stay longer in business than the average?

Then we see you there.

About our speaker:

Frank is someone who has always followed his passion. That made all the difference for him. He made it first on a very young age as a coach of the top management teams of one of the biggest banks in the Netherlands and then started his own company giving training how people can find their passion and to become successful entrepreneurs from their passion.

If there's one thing that trademarks Frank, it is that he turns dreams into realities.

PS. After the workshop, we are pleased to offer all attendees discounted drinks at the lobby bar (open until midnight).

We look forward to having a great time with you!