Unlock your creativity to develop your projects

Do you want to generate better ideas to solve the challenges of your business/work?
Do you find creativity as a spontaneous, uncontrollable “thing”?
Do you want to be able to control your creative cycle?
Is creativity essential for your work/art projects?

Join us on 7th February, and discover the creativity that naturally lays within you. Marianna Kocsány, psychologist and singer-songwriter, will be your guide on this journey. The workshop will be informative and interactive: we will give space for discussing the theory together, as well as sharing personal challenges about creativity.

At the workshop:
- You will hear effective psychology tips to boost creativity.
- You will learn how to control your creative cycles and generate great ideas naturally.
- You will experience the creative flow by an interactive game.

About Marianna:

Marianna Kocsány is a psychologist and a singer-songwriter. You can easily find her on a stage in Amsterdam during the night or bump into her on a personal-development related event. Music and therapy are her two biggest passions - she enjoys giving therapy sessions as well as singing lessons. As a therapist, she mainly focuses on how to turn non-adaptive behaviour patterns (such as addictions) to self-expression: in your career (i.e. building an own business), personal life (relationships) or in arts (creative hobbies).

“I believe that 'creative' is not a personality type, but a mind- and skill-set that can be developed by time and awareness. My mission is to empower others to unfold their freedom to create and help people to live a productive and playful life.”

We look forward to seeing you.