Workshop: Focus, Visualization and Positivity

Run your world: using Focus, Visualization and Positivity in your life.

This is my formula to achieve my goals and /or to boost them. I look forward to sharing with you my experience and what I have learned.

What is Focus? Why is Focus so essential in the process of your project, dream or your goals?

Why is so difficult to keep it? And how to keep your Focus alive?

After presenting different ways to help it, I will talk about one of my favourites tool, the power of visualization.

I will explain in a nutshell the techniques and the effect. We will make interactive exercises to be able to reproduce this at home.

Thanks that you will train your brain and keep the Focus alive! In other words, you will rock, I believe in you.

About Nathalie Nabarro:

"5 years ago I started to change my life, to understand it differently. I approached the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) method of communication and personal development.

I have continued to learn Coaching to can be defined as life coach. I realized that my purpose in life, my mission is to help others, to spread my 'joie de vivre' and to be a supportive role model. Passioned, motivated I practice what I preach, and constantly strive to follow my vision to "be the best version of yourself".

I am blessed with what happened and happens since in my life. I am convinced that if I can, you can too."

We look forward to meeting you!

And enjoy some beers & snacks to catch up afterwards...