Workshop on How to improve your personal engagement with audiences

While more and more people see it as important to have greater personal impact through a better presentational style, this takes time, and certainly practice. Yet the reality is that many people cannot sustain this level of effort over time, while others let fear hold them back and quietly convince themselves that they have no need to learn to speak in public or develop their presentational style. 

Don’t let something, that is reasonably easy to get better at with practice, impact your professional objectives. Even if you’re working for an employer or consultant, your ability to communicate effectively will affect how you are perceived. The good news is that you don’t need natural ability to become a better presenter, you need effort, understanding, practice and coaching. After this 3-hour workshop you will…

· Significantly improve your presentation style

· Feel more confident about presenting yourself and on any subject

· Gain insight into what makes a commanding speaker

· Learn about story-telling and how to structure a presentation 

· Get tips and direct coaching during the session

· Practice presentation techniques in real time with Video recording 

· Examples of powerful presentations

· Have a safe space to express yourself fully

This mini-workshop will be given by Maurice Hennequin, who is a native English speaker and has been a member of Toastmasters International. Among other things, he was co-founder of one of the largest expat entrepreneur meetup groups in Geneva Switzerland, where he lived for many years. He has been an entrepreneur and business development consultant for many years in business and finance. Today he is Life Coach, Presenter, Facilitator and co-founder of Keen Folk. 

I look forward to helping you shine more. 


Please note.


There is a Euro 50 investment for this workshop, please wire payment to KeenFolk B.V. - IBAN: NL45 RABO 0316 1630 82 to secure your place. 

We will make practical use of some of the ideas and principles in this video. Our workshop can certainly be the starting point for presenting in public but first, we will focus on getting good at the basics.

If you're interested in the pdf which outlines a well-known approach you can find it here: